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Peeks of the Past

By Staff | Oct 23, 2019

Oct. 10, 1871

A bear and two cubs were killed at Huntersville on Sunday.

John Dykins, after an absence of more than five years in the gold regions of Wyoming Territory, is visiting his parens here. He has our thanks for a fine specimen of gold rock taken from a mine being worked by himself and others.

Oct. 11, 1900

The farm of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dimm, known as “Chippewa Farm” in Muncy township has been sold to Messrs. Charles and Milton Reeder of Hughesville,

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Oct. 20, 1949

70 years ago

Price five cents

A serious tragedy was averted by good fortune last Saturday afternoon when the bleachers holding about 100 people collapsed at the halftime of the Montgomery-Muncy football game at the Muncy field. Nobody was seriously injured, principally because at the time the bleachers collapsed, most of the people were standing up and they rode to the ground with the bleachers as they slowly toppled to the ear.

A crowd estimated at about 1,200 persons attended the grand opening Saturday of the Shaheen Motors Inc. garage and salesroom. Special entertainment was provided and favors and gifts for those attending were awarded.

A wave of gas stealing was reported this seek by Police Chief D.E. Grenoble who announced several arrests on a charge of gasoline theft and several other arrests in connection with the series of gas larcenies.

On Saturday Miss Ruth May Brown became the bride of Dr. Russel G. Lindauer, of Montgomery.

Engagement announced of Miss Janet Priest, of Muncy, to Henry H. Gingles, Jr.

The Salem Evangelical United Brethren church near Unityville will be the scene for the forthcoming marriage on Oct. 22 between Miss Harriet Jane Long to Leroy Gleason of Muncy.

In the first wedding to be solemnized at the new Church of the Resurrection in Muncy, Miss Helen Moore of Montgomery, will be married Oct. 22 to Joseph Kuzio, of Williamsport.

United in marriage on Oct. 8 were Florence Elizabeth Wertman and Ralph Elwood Knopp.

Births: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William McClintock; Mr. and Mrs. William McClain, daughter, Oct. 8. Mother former Doris Mae Shaner; A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Walborn, Montgomery, Oct. 7; Mr. and Mrs. Gran Smith, Hughesville, daughter, Oct. 7; Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClain, Picture Rocks, daughter, Oct. 8; A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Dugan, Muncy, Oct. 9; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Balum, Muncy, son, Oct. 10; A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitmoyer, Unityville, Oct. 11; Mr. and Mrs.Floyd Kinney, Montgomery, son, Oct. 7; A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rizzo, Mt. Equity, Oct. 10; Mr. and Mrs. John Fritts, Hughesville, daughter, Oct. 15; A son to Mr. and Mrs. John Sanner, Hughesville, Oct., 15; Mr. and Mrs. William Shoemaker, of Opps, son, Oct. 19.

Died: Miss Mamie Bryan, longtime Muncy area resident who died suddenly last Tuesday. She was 65 years of age; Mrs. Edna Raup, 47, Muncy.

At the Ritz: “That Midnight Kiss”

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The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Oct. 16, 1969

Among the county contestants in the Junior Miss Pageant is Miss Susan Fry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fry, of near Muncy.

The former Miss Frances Mary Paradise, of N.J., and Mr. Richard Allen Feigles of Hughesville were married Oct. 12.

Miss Carol Jean Pauling and Frederick R. Westerman married on Oct. 12.

Wedding vows were exchanged on Oct. 11 between Miss Sherry Ann Oyster, and Robert L. McBride, both of Muncy.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rooker, Muncy Valley, daughter, Oct. 7. Mother former Deborah Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Spring, Muncy, son, Oct., 9. Mother former Lee Welch; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jarrett, Montgomery, son, Oct. 10. Mother former Rut Rearick; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sellers, Jr., Watsontown, daughter, Oct. 11. Mother former Mary Elizabeth Klinefelter; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walters, Montgomery, daughter, Oct. 12. Mother former Diane Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hill, Williamsport, son, Oct. 12. Mother former Patricia Flood; Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dincher, Hughesville, daughter, Oc. 13. Mother former Carol Minier.

Died: Lori Ann Neuhard, 13-months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neuhard, Hughesville, Oct. 12; Charles A. Houseknecht, 76, Picture Rocks, Oct. 11.

At the Ritz: “The Mini-Skirt Mob”

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The Luminary

Wed., October 12, 1994

25 years ago

It’s not even Halloween, the frost is barely on the pumpkin, and the trees are still decorated in autumn’s brilliant colors, but already there’s a run on snow shovels and snow blowers.

Karen Lynne Ort, of Muncy, became the bride of Gregory Lee Avery, Muncy, on Oct. 1.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Alan Laforme, Muncy, a daughter, Oct. 7. Mother is the former Shelly Stugart; Jim and Lorrie Fry Schools announce the birth of a daughter on Sept. 11.

Died: Walter W. Myer, Sr., 70, Picture Rocks, Oct. 5; Dale M. Mordan, 54, Unityville, Oct. 4; Carl L. Stover, 87, formerly of Williamsport, died Oct. 9; Dakota Lynn Temple, son of Leroy and Roni Jo Larose Temple, Hughesville, died Oct. 8; Hazel D. Temple, formerly of Clarkstown, died Oct. 9; Irene May Moore, Muncy, died Oct. 7.

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