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Peeks of the Past 12.4

By Staff | Dec 4, 2019

Nov. 28, 1871

Dr. Langdon has been offered a foreign appointment, but will not accept, thinking that he has been a “Big thing” in his Western Colony.

Sheriff-elect, Van Buskirk, of this county, takes possession of his office on Dec. 9.

Nov. 28, 1879

Union Thanksgiving services were held in the Lutheran church yesterday.

Judge Eldred, John M. Bowman and G.H. McMichael are on their annual hunt in Potter county.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Dec. 1, 1949

70 years ago

Price five cents

Rare Heart Operation SuccessfulFor Former Picture Rocks Resident: A successful rare heart operation on a former resident of this area was reported to the Luminary this week by Mrs. Henry J. Emmerich, who now resides in Baltimore who once resided in Picture Rocks. The operation was performed on her son, David. The operation opened the left valve of the heart, thus clearing the way for the fuller flow of blood, which will mean more oxygen for the patient.

Oddity: One of bowling’s rarest oddities occurred at Bowl-Arena on Monday when Chet Boyer’s team defeated Murphy’s Service Station in Montgomery league. They won all four points, but their total margin of victory was three pins-and that’s the lowest possible minimum.

Winter: The great mystery of the wintertime-snowfall-came out of the skies with dramatic suddenness Sunday morning and with it came the first real assurance that winter is here again.

Died: James R. Walton, 65, Muncy, died Wednesday at his home; Mrs. Emma J. Faus, of Muncy, died Thursday at the home of her daughter, MRs. Grover Confer, Muncy.

At the Ritz: South of St. Louis

Ad: Purpuri’s Drug Store, Muncy, Pa.

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Nov. 27, 1969

Robert Smith, Muncy, observed his 14th birthday by receiving the coveted Eagle award in Boy Scouting on Nov. 23.

One night last week vandals damaged ancient tombstones in one of Muncy’s small, old cemeteries-the Episcopal lot on South Washington street adjacent to the Foster Myers residence.

Workers at Modecraft Co., Inc., returned to their jobs beginning with the 7 a.m. shift on Monday, Nov. 24, thus ending a five-week strike.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eberlin, of Muncy Valley, daughter, Nov. 20. Mother former Beverly Sones; Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Boyles, of Muncy, a son, Nov. 20. Mother former Elaine Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Akers, II, Muncy, son, Nov. 21. Mother former Cheryl Fetter.

Died: Kenneth E. Reed, 34, N.J., died Thursday, Nov. 20. He was born Feb. 2, 1935 in Pennsdale, the son of Stuart G. and Margaret Hurr Reed; Horace W. Stugard, 74, Hughesville, Nov. 21; George C. Smith, 66, Delaware township, Nov. 18; Helen Dimm, 87, Muncy, Nov. 20.

At the Ritz: “Popi”

Ad: Lowe’s Self Service, Clarkstown-Scrapple-3 lbs. $1.00

The Luminary

25 years ago

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1994

Muncy School Board to Begin Interviews for Principal

Brian Merrick, a 24-year old Pennsdale man, and a Muncy High School graduate, was invited in early fall to be a re-enactor in the Civil War movie about Confederate prison camp for Union soldiers.

An Autumn Tea was held at Sweet Memories on Nov. 19. Sonie Smith, caterer, whose business is “Sweet Sensations,” had complimentary tea and baked delights while shoppers browsed.

Died: Elizabeth M. Pagana, 30, Montgomery, Nov. 15; Freeman L. Waltman, 86, Montgomery, Nov. 17; Olive H. Abbott, 92, Florida, Nov. 9; Isabel M. Eichenlaub, 79, Montgomery native; Ralph L. Miller, 80, Watsontown, Nov. 17; Ruth C. Smith, 82, died at home Nov. 15; Carol R. Dincher, 47, Glen Mawr, Nov. 19