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Peeks at the Past 1.8.2020

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

Jan. 9, 1872

Those desiring to see a complete map of the National Colony lands, in Colorado, with lakes, rivers, bottoms and prairies can do so by calling upon Captain Thomas Lloyd, agent of the colony.

Fire broke out in DeHaas Bros. carriage works on East Water street Sunday morning, and with the blacksmith shop of D.D. Manville, adjoining, was consumed, causing a loss of $1,000 insurance.

Jan. 9, 1880

Miss Mazie Robb entertained in honor of her guest, Miss McMichael, of Canada, last Tuesday evening.

Miss Lizzie Lloyd of Williamsport has been the guest of Miss Maggie Petrikin during the past week.

Martin F. Nuss, deputy prothonotary, of Bloomsburg, committed suicide by shooting himself through the head, last Sunday.

Noble & Peterman’s shipments of lumber for the year 1879 reached seven million feet, they having loaded over 600 cars.

Joshua and Hurlbut Bowman gave a party on Tuesday evening which was attended by a host of children. An orchestra furnished the music.

A.W. Petrikin has left for Colorado where he will make his home.

The Muncy Luminary

Jan. 8, 1920

100 years ago

Price-2 cents

Announced made of the marriage of Miss Katharine Ritter to Harry B. Clark on Saturday afternoon in Virginia. Miss Ritter resided in East Muncy when a young girl and has many relatives in this vicinity.

At a dinner given by Mrs. Wm. Miller Ash, at her home Saturday, an engagement was announced of her sister, Sallie M. Hablett, to Beatram W. Nelson, of Muncy. Covers were laid for twenty-four.

Died: General Alfred H. Stead, for many years alderman of the Second ward, Williamsport, died very suddenly last Thursday night; Miss Ella J. Bair, aged 74 years, died at the home of her cousin, G. Frank Welivar, last Thursday night.

The Muncy Luminary

Jan. 5, 1950

70 years ago

Price five cents

Stop signs, forcing drivers to stop all four ways at the intersection of Penn and Sherman streets in Muncy, were erected on Tuesday.

Gilbert Bros. have purchased a plot of land from Sam Derr, adjacent to their present Muncy property.

Parking meter collections for December in Muncy were reported at $385.25.

Miss Barbara Birdsell, of Hughesville, and Fred Schenck, of Muncy, were married on Christmas Day in the Hughesville Baptist Church.

Engagement announced of Miss Ann Elizabeth Norman to Del R. Baysore, of Muncy.

Miss Jean Heyl, former director of the Muncy Community Center, and Lt. Col. John Edmunds, of Washington, D.C., will be married on Jan. 7.

In a pre-Christmas ceremony on Dec. 24, Miss Martha Secules, of near Muncy, became the bride of Paul Fenstermacher, also of near Muncy.

In a ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 29, Miss Shirley Marie Bailey, of Williamsport, and Harold Levan, of Muncy, were married.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey VanBuskirk and daughter Shirley spent New Year’s Eve with her parents, Mt. and Mrs. Hurl Fenstermacher, of Muncy Valley.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter O’Connor and daughters Jane and Bonnie spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Shaffer at Hughesville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Murray, Jr., Hughesville, son, Dec. 28; a son was born Dec.. 29 to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Baker, Muncy; Mr. and Mrs.. Robert Hofer, Muncy, a son, Dec. 28; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reed, of Muncy, Dec. 28; Mr. and Mrs. George Applegate, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Sommers, Dec. 31; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hassenplug, Montgomery, daughter, Jan. 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Suring, Muncy, Jan. 3; Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mellen, formerly of Muncy, daughter, New Year’s Day.

At the Ritz: “Red, Hot, and Blue”

Ad: F.B. Heal Variety Stores, Muncy, Montgomery and Montoursville.

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Jan.1, 1970

Mother Nature prolonged the Christmas holiday into a long weekend-even for those not planning it-when a record December snowfall of about 20 inches blanketed and paralyzed the area the night of Dec. 25.

The “Bumper Sticker” winner for this week was Mrs. Marie M. Miller, who won a $25 savings account in the Muncy community office of the Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co. Her car was found on the streets of Muncy last Friday night by the “Bumper Snooper,” who walks the streets every Friday night.

Died: Elwood N. Laidacker, 83, formerly of Muncy, died Dec. 24; Elmer R. Bigger, 67, Hughesville, Dec. 25; Anna M. Smith, 73, Muncy, died Dec. 29.

At the Ritz: “My Side of the Mountain”

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