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Peeks at the Past 2.12.2020

By Staff | Feb 12, 2020

The Muncy Luminary

Feb. 12, 1920

100 years ago

Teachers in Demand-State Superintendent Anticipates Shortage in Fall

Antonio Depaolo, an Italian tack laborer on the Pennsylvania railroad, who resides at Loyalsock, several miles below Sylvan Dell, was fatally injured Friday afternoon when he was struck by westbound passenger train NO. 511, a short distance the other side of Muncy Station.

While on a trip hunting up certain members of the Brittain family yesterday morning, Mutt, the full blooded fox terrier known to most everybody in town, had on occasion to stand on his hind feet and look thru the glass door of the Y.W.C.A. As he stood there carefully looking things over inside, some school children discovered him.There was “Y” poster on the glass, and the children thought Mutt was reading it. Some little boys called to all the other children to come see this dog reading a sign.

Miss Ocie Boyer of Hughesville spent several days with friends in town.

Died: Benjamin McCarty, Philadelphia, died Saturday afternoon of acute indigestion; Adda B. Cox, died at the family home at Port Penn Wednesday morning aged 61 years, 11 months, and 17 days; Sylvia B. Meck died Saturday morning after a brief illness, aged 33 years; Luther Anderson, aged 12 years, son of John Anderson, died Tuesday morning of pneumonia; Francis Hall died at his home in Montoursville at midnight Tuesday night last week of pneumonia. Mr. Hall’s wife died a little more than a week ago. He was 74 years old.

The Muncy Luminary

Feb. 16, 1940

60 years ago

Muncy residents were busily engaged in digging themselves from beneath 18 inches of now, which resulted in what many residents termed the worst snow storm in several decades.

Property damage estimated at $70,000 was caused by a fire which destroyed three large buildings, including a hotel, at Trout Run.

Prince Hubertus zu Lowenstein spoke to the Rotary Club on “The Changing Scenes in Europe.”

The Muncy Luminary

Feb. 9, 1950

70 years ago

Price five cents

Muncy’s Sweet Tooths Ready For Cake Walk.

The strike of the bituminous coal miners wasn’t worrying local users of that type of fuel very much this week as the rest of the nation began to feel the pinch.

The employment picture in the Muncy area was brightened somewhat this week when Jones and Laughlin corporation recalled 10 workers on Monday who had not been at work in the plant since September, 1949.

William Russell was inducted into the Montgomery Rotary Club on Monday.

Announcement made of marriage of Betty Eugene Miller, Muncy, to Richard F. Hill, on Feb. 12, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kilgus in Pennsdale.

Engagement announced of Miss Anna Louise Hill, of Hughesville, to John Russell Rooker, Hughesville.

Gary Puderbaugh, of Picture Rocks, is confined at home with the Chicken pox.

Births: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Myers Pysher, Montgomery, Feb. 6; A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard, of Nisbet, Feb. 6; Dr. and Mrs. C.M. Stutzman, Muncy, a son, Feb. 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mausteller, Muncy, Feb. 9; Mr. and Mrs. Cleatus Harriman, Hughesville, daughter Feb. 9; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Max Frye, Muncy, Feb. 11; Mr. and Mrs. Larue Richart, Montoursville, daughter, Feb. 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Foster, Williamsport, Feb. 15.

Died: Isaac M. Shaffer, 74, Hughesville, died last Saturday morning; Charles H. Poust, 78, Hughesville, died Tuesday; Charles E. Wheelock, 78, Muncy, died Wednesday; Mrs. George Wehr, former resident of Pennsdale, died Feb. 7.

At the Ritz: “Prince of Foxes”

Ad: White American Cheese 1/2 lb. 23 cents-Springman’s-Pennsdale

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Feb. 5, 1970

Sp/5 David Barnes of Muncy, received three citations for service in Viet Nam.

Hughesville Cuffs Muncy by 26-15, Regains Share of West Branch Mat Lead.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. William Sterner, Montgomery, son, Jan. 28. Mother former Loretta Berns; Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Silvey, Hughesville, daughter, Jan. 29. Mother former Mallie Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cragle, Benton, daughter, Jan. 30. Mother former Marian Wodrig; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shultz, Sonestown, daughter, Jan. 31. Mother former Gladys George; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Budman, Allenwood, daughter, Feb. 1. Mother former Hulda Marshal; Mr. and Mrs. James Sutton, Muncy, daughter, Jan. 30. Mother former Jacqueline Andrews.

Died: Christopher Patrizio, 3-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Patrizio, died of an accidental death on Feb. 3; Nola Marie Myers, 51, Muncy, Jan. 31; Mae Stolz, 92, Muncy, Feb. 2; Waldo Shumway, 54, Muncy, died Jan. 30.

At the Ritz: “Some Kind of Nut”

Ad: Log Cabin Inn