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Peeks at the Past 2.26.2020

By Staff | Mar 3, 2020


170 years ago

The canals are now in navigable condition and the boating season has fairly commenced. Several have already left this place for market and others are making preparations to start soon.


A petition was circulated in Picture Rocks against the granting of a liquor license in that town and the names of all the voters but four were attained.

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser

Price 2 cents

Thursday, March 4, 1920

100 years ago

About 250 pupils of the Muncy schools are busily engaged in rehearsals for the famous musical spectacle “Fi-Fi of the Toy Shop” which will be staged on Friday evening in the Opera House.

Nellie Emma Hall was united in matrimony to Jacob W. Kepner of Hughesville on Saturday evening.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Larrison, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Confer, a daughter; Professor and Mrs. S. B. Dunlap, a daughter, Feb. 26.

Died: Mrs. Mary J. Stoltz, Muncy, 73 years, one month, and 15 days; Mrs. Charlotte E. Stepp, Muncy Creek Twp., died Monday evening, aged 52; William Coleman Taylor, Glade Run, 78, Civil War Veteran, died Monday morning; Mrs. Mazie L. Yerg, 36, died at her uncle’s home on Glade Run.


95 years ago

Floyd Baker slipped on icy pavement while walking along Main Street and fractured both bones in his left wrist.

Calvin Coolidge became President of the United States in his own right at 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon. Chief Justice Taft administered the oath.

The Luminary

March 9, 1950

70 years ago

During the first week of March the Reading Railroad station of Muncy installed a telephone system of interstation communication which for the most part replaces the telegraph system.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Ira Thomas Bryan, Picture Rocks, son, March 4; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Murray, daughter, March 8; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Maciejewski, Hughesville, daughter, March 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong of Hughesville, Feb. 28; Mr. and Mrs. Emory Moore, Montgomery, son, March 1.

Died: Miss Dora Oliver, Hughesville, died March 6; William O. Felix, 82, Montgomery, died Friday; George C. DeWald, 70, Moreland Twp., died Friday; Morton B. Reeser, formerly of Montgomery, died Friday; Harold E. Stugard, Hughesville, 45; died after an illness of two months; Alma Boyer, 19-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boyer, died last Tuesday; Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Haag, Hughesville, died in an auto-train crash in Florida last week.

At the Ritz: “Ambush”

Ad: Poust’s Market, Main St., Hughesville

The Luminary

Feb. 26, 1970

50 Year Ago

10 cents

Muncy Cagers gain playoffs in Class C-The largest crowd to watch a Muncy high school basketball team since the days of the Chuck Scott era saw the Indians edge Hughesville, 58-56 on Tuesday night, and gain the West Branch league’s class C playoff berth in the upcoming PIAA eliminations.

Engagement announced of Miss Patricia Kerstetter, Muncy, to Clarence Bruch, of Exchange.

The marriage of Margaret Engle to Raymond Plotts of Huntersville took place on Feb. 14.

Miss Nancy Starr, Hughesville, was a guest soloist for the Hughesville Business and Professional Women’s Club meeting.

The Hughesville wiz at Penn State, won perhaps the most important wrestling match of his career, when Penn State beat Lehigh, 18-15. Clyde Frantz moved up a weight class and beat Herb Campbell by a decision of 5-4, whose only loss of the year was to Dan Gable.

Births: Dr. and Mrs. Donald Lundy, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 19. Mother former Wanda Stroup; Mr. and Mrs. Claire Sheets, Picture Rocks, daughter, Feb. 19. Mother former Bonnie Ferrell; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sones, Muncy, son, Feb. 20. Mother former Kay Bonawitz; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders, Hughesville, daughter, Feb. 22. Mother former Sharon Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gotschal, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 23. Mother former Frances Shea; Mr. and Mrs. G. Lynn Poust, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 18. Mother former Doris Whipple; Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Leech, Muncy, son, Feb. 21. Mother former Donna Mingle; Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Opp, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 20. Mother former Beverly Phillips.

Died: Harold R. (Scoop) Feigles, 58, Hughesville, owner operator of Feigles Dairy, died Feb. 20; Donald J. DeWald, 59, Muncy, died as a result of an automobile accident Feb. 24.

At the Ritz: “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”

Ad: Grange National Bank, Hughesville