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Peeks at the Past 2.26.2020

By Staff | Mar 10, 2020


Ellis Sunderlin’s barn in Muncy township was burned last Saturday evening, it having been set on fire by an engine on the Muncy Creek railroad.

Dr. Shadle, of Hughesville, made a narrow escape from being stuck by a scantling during the gale last Friday while seated in a buggy in front of his drug store.

By way of variety we had snow storm on Wednesday night and it now looks as if we would have our winter weather in March.

Frederick Shale, an ex-sheriff of this county, died at his residence in Loyalsock township Wednesday evening of last week.

At a recent sale of the farm of the late David Hill, in Muncy Creek township, consisting of 64 acres, Martin Fahrenbach was the purchaser, the price paid being $100 per acre.

Charles L. Wasner, of Chester county, rode up on horseback from his home near West Chester during the week, reaching Muncy on Monday.

Peter Herdic, of Williamsport, who was recently discharged from bankruptcy, is about to embark in business at Watsontown as manager of the nail works.


Hattie B. Drake will open the Parish school for the spring term, on April 12, 1872.

The work on the Muncy boom, so far as it is intended to be done until next summer, has been finished.

The new steam saw mill of D. Clapp & Co., at Port Penn, is nearly ready to be put into operation.

B.T. Opp, of Muncy Creek township, on arising from bed and going down stairs, discovered the floor of the kitchen attached to his residence on fire. The damage was slight, doing to the timely discover.

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser

Price 2 cents

Thursday, March 11, 1920

100 years ago

Died: Charlotte H. Lloyd, Muncy, died Thursday; A.E. Thomas died Saturday morning at the age of 61 years of acute Bright’s disease.; Alfred H. Dugan died Tuesday, March 23. He was aged 65 years.

Owing to the high water, which took away some bridges, and later on owing to the snow drifts, no one of the six Muncy R.D. Carriers have been able to cover their entire routes for the past 10 days.

The worst storm of the winter passed over this valley last Friday. It began raining during Thursday night and continued until about noon when it turned into snow with a strong wind, causing the worst blizzard of the season.

During the recent “Flu” epidemic in Charlotte, N.C., one of the head nurses in the city hospital was taken very ill, and her place at the hospital was temporarily filled by Mrs. Max S. Worthington.

Picture Rocks faced a serious flood menace last Friday as the result of an ice jam in Muncy creek. Nearly half the town was under three to four feet of water.

Clyde, the 12-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Wasrschner, met with a most distressing accident at the home of his parents in Fairfield township last Friday. The unfortunate young man was oiling a gasoline engine when in some way his left arm was caught in the machine and was torn off between the elbow and shoulder.

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The Luminary

March 16, 1950

70 years ago

Terry and 15-month old Bridget Dirner will model dresses made for them by Mrs. John Hartman on Thursday afternoon, March 16, at the Lycoming hotel in the Stearns sewing contest.

Cpl. Willis Frantz, Muncy, and Miss Jane Davis, Muncy, were married on Feb. 12.

Miss Doris Shook has replaced Mrs. Richard Nuss as assistant in the principal’s office of the Muncy-Muncy Creek school.

Miss Mary Aunkst and Miss Doris Hill were members of a class of 61 student nurses of the Harrisburg Hospital who received their caps.

Miss June Smith, of Hughesville was capped as nurse in graduating exercises at the Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing.

Births: A daughter born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Jake Akers, Jr. Mrs. Akers is the former Diane Eaker; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burkhart, Hughesville, daughter, March 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bennett, Montgomery, March 8; a son to Mr. and Mrs. James McKee, Hughesville, March 12; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Myers, Muncy, son March 13; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Minier, Hughesville, March 14.

Died: Mrs. Clara B. Feder, of Muncy, died March 15; Edward L. Kaufman, 81, died March 11; Elizabeth Klinger, 67, Montgomery, March 11; Mabel E. Pass died March 9 in Underwood Nursing home in Montgomery.

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The Luminary

March 5, 1970

50 Year Ago

10 cents

Domer Balliet, longtime resident, had been employed by A&P for 39 years, retired last week.

Old Muncy Opera House Building Sold to John Bruch, Ken Bryfogle.

Death came swiftly to Miss Nellie Wertman, who at 61 succumbed to lung cancer last week.

Bronze Medal Given James Yerg; Completed 24 Years Active Duty in the U.S. Army.

Pfc. Ralph J. Kepner, 19, Hughesville, has been assigned as a mechanic with the 588th Maintenance Company in Viet Nam.

Miss Theresa Bennardi will represent Muncy High school at the Regional Chorus festival in Warron on March 12, 13, and 14.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Taylor, Allenwood, daughter, Feb. 25. Mother former Donna McCormick; Mr. and Mrs. James Buxton, Hughesville, daughter, Feb. 26. Mother former Beverly Force; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wertman, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 26. Mother former Marie Savage; Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Kile, Millville, son, Feb. 28. Mother former Bonita Wehr; Mr. and Mrs. Ward Farrar, Jr., daughter, Feb. 28. Mother former Pearl Ryder; Mr. and Mrs. Lane Bitler, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 28. Mother former Debra Lenig; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eberlin, Sonestown, daughter, March 2. Mother former Debra Hacker.

Died: Miss Nellie Wertman, 61, Muncy, died Feb. 27; Ella Boatman, 78, Hughesville, died Feb. 25; Joseph E. Winder, Montgomery, died Feb. 27; Virginia T. Little, 67, Muncy March 2.

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