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Peeks at the Past 4.15.2020

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

Saturday, April 13, 1872

Joshua Bowman presented the Keystone Ladder and Bucket company with $100.

Barnum’s great show will exhibit at Williamsport on May 24.

The Reform Journal, a new labor paper, has made its appearance at Williamsport.

Friday, April 15, 1880

On Saturday night a fire broke out in the lumber yard at the mill of D. Clapp & Co., at Port Penn destroying all the lumber north and northeast of the mill, together with a frame building that was used as an office. A house and two barnes belonging to Mrs. Sarah Painter, were also destroyed.

Miss Ellen Brown loaned us two English publications, which we found full of interest. The first is an almanac for 1823 and the other is a newspaper, The British Volunteer, dated October 14, 1815, and published at Manchester, England. That was the year of the Battle of Waterloo, and this number gives an account of the “Peace Treaty” just agreed upon at Paris.

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser

Price 2 cents

Thursday, April 15, 1920

100 years ago

When his arm was caught in the cogs of a crane mechanism at the American Car and Foundry company plant at Milton on Sunday, James Bobb, 20, White Deer, used the other hand to throw off the power and stood there pinioned until aid arrived.

A four-year old Miss of Boston, Mass., when told a few days ago that she had a new baby cousin in Muncy, remarked, “Well, what did they do with the one they were using last summer?”

Yesterday morning about 10:30 o’clock Marvin Long jumped from a bucking horse he was riding, in order to save himself from being thrown under the animal, when it slipped and fell in front of the residence of Dr. T. K. Wood, and falling against the curb, cut a deep gash in the back of his head and receiving several other bruises.

April 23, 1925

The person who removed the large thermometer from in front of the post office is known, and had better return same to its original position and avoid trouble.

If the identity of the persons who dumped tin cans and other refuse on the lot adjoining my property on South Washington street is found out, he will be dealt with according to law.

The fire company was called to the home of Mrs. C.W. Robb on Tuesday afternoon where they extinguished a chimney fire.

The Luminary

April 20, 1950

70 years ago

Jody of “The Yearling” has nothing on the three Anstadt children, Betty Lou 5, Lewis 4, and Jean Marie 2, of near Muncy. They also have a pet deer, Spike, who came to be a member of their family circle in much the same way as the yearling entered Jody’s heart.

Ernest H. Milliken, former vocational teacher in the Picture Rocks school, died on April 10 at the Wilmington General Hospital in Delaware.

In a candlelight service before an altar decorated with white snapdragons, Miss June Elaine Woodling, of near Muncy, became the bride of Donald A. Canada, of Montgomery, on April 15.

Floral bouquets of white carnations, roses, snapdragons and palms formed a setting for the marriage of Miss Willina Saxton McCarty, formerly of Muncy, to Frank Castor Weed, of Philadelphia, on April 1.

Miss Leah Arlene Kleckner, of Muncy, became the bride of Ivan E. Thompson, on Sunday.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. James Massey, Sonestown, a daughter, April 16; Mr. and Mrs. Richard LaForme, Montgomery, son, April 18.

Died: Janet Frye, 83, died at the home of Charles Yagel, of Muncy, where she has resided for the past five years; Ulysses G. Woodside, 83, Unityville, died Friday; Earl D. Biddle, 58, Hughesville died of a cerebral hemorrhage Saturday afternoon at his home; Ocie Poust, Hughesville, died April 17; Murray C. Winters, formerly of Muncy, died April

At the Ritz: “Dear Wife”

Ad: C. Lee Artley for Combination Gas & Coal Range

The Luminary

April 9, 1970

50 Year Ago

10 cents

The Hughesville high school gymnasium will be the scene of great activity on Saturday, April 11, when the Hughesville cheerleaders host “Competition 1970.” Over 200 young ladies, representing 11 different central Pennsylvania high schools, will vie for the 1970 cheerleading championship.

Tony LaRose was named “Jaycee of the Year.”

Sprout-Waldron Names Lester L. Murray Vice President.

James W. Stryker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stryker, of Muncy, has been promoted to master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lyons, of Turbotville, a daughter, April 1. Mother former Kathleen Gardner; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wolfe, Hughesville, daughter, April 3. Mother former Mary Snyder; Mr. and Mrs. John Gautsch, Muncy, daughter, April 6. Mother former Roberta Artley; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hoffman, Muncy, son, April 6. Mother former Gloria Warren.

Died: M. Edna Hutchinson, 63, Muncy, April 3; Russell P. Reed, 54, proprietor of Reed’s Sub Shop, in Hughesville, died April 7; Betty Lockard, 48, Hughesville, died April 7; Charles Babcock, 88, lifetime resident of Hughesville, died April 7.

At the Ritz: “Gally, Gally”

The Luminary

Wednesday, April 19, 1995

25 years ago

35 cents

Muncy Little League Opens 49th Season

Missy Forse had a ten-strike out performance in the Lady Indians softball game against Bloomsburg.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kolletzki, a son, April 11. Mother former Susan Cooper; Mr. and Mrs. Shane T. Rucker, Picture Rocks, a son, April 8. Mother former Mary A. Snyder; Mr. and Mrs. Scott Crier, Hughesville, a daughter, April 13. Mother former Sandra J. Minier; Kim A. Sandol and Gary L. McCartney, Hughesville, a son, April 13.

Died: Rena M. Whitmoyer, 101, Muncy Creek Township, April 11; Betty I. McQuay, 72, Montgomery, died April 13; Howard R. Wertz, 85, Muncy, died April 14.