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Peeks at the Past 7.15

By Staff | Jul 15, 2020

July 27, 1872

The strike of the men employed on the sawmills at Williamsport has become so serious that the military has been called out to restore order. Quite a good deal of rioting took place and Chief of Police Coder had an arm badly injured when struck by a club, Officer Pratt had his clothes torn off, and Officer Stryker was hit twice with clubs thrown at him.

Twenty people from Muncy visited Watkins Glen on Thursday. They all report a fine time.

July 30, 1880

The new brass band at Lairdsville is progressing finely under the direction of Prof. Linn, of Muncy.

Muncy came out ahead in the shooting match at the Lycoming Sportsmen’s club picnic last Thursday, Clarence Sprout hitting every one of the twenty balls.

A few days since Mrs. John M. Bowman, while fishing in the river at “Butler’s Ripples,” landed one of the largest bass of the season, while visiting her husband’s camp at Hall Island.

Rev. and Mrs. W.F. Stahl and two children, Miss Nevin, of New Castle, Del., and Mrs. H. W. Petrikin, went over a bank twenty-five feet high, while driving above Picture Rocks, on their way to Eagles Mere. None of the party were seriously hurt, with the exception of Mrs. Stahl, who was very badly bruised.

Wheat sold at 90 cents, rye 50, corn 45, oats 25, and potatoes 25.

July 11, 1901

A wagon manufacturer of Mechanicsburg, has made thirty five wagons the past season for gypsies, ranging in price from $800 to $1600.

Misses May Clapp and Marion Robb, N.D. Green, and Frank Cooke, of this place, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Clapp, of Williamsport, spent a few days this week at Beaver Dam.

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser

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Thursday, July 29, 1920

100 years ago

Miss Blanch Bailey, of Williamsport, formerly of Muncy, and Orlo Higgins were united in marriage on Wednesday.

Sunday night about 9 o’clock, while Geo. Tallman, of near town, and Robert Brass and Paul Weikle, of this place, were sitting on the porch at the Robb farm, new town, talking to Frank Buck, the tenant, some man riding a bicycle down the road deliberately drew a pistol and shot towards the men, the bullet lodging in the corner of the house. Brass, as soon as the party grasped what had been done, jumped into his car and started after the fellow but he had evidently jumped into the buses along side of the road near the creek bridge, for not trace of him could be found.

Died: Christopher C. Springer, one of Hughesville’s oldest citizens, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Fague, in that borough, on Friday, aged 93 years.

The Luminary

July 20, 1950

70 years ago

Harry Williamson, 32-year old driver for Yagel Brothers Transfer company in Muncy, was instantly killed Tuesday afternoon when his car collided head-on with a heavy truck loaded with stone.

Muncy’s employment picture brightened somewhat this week, and as far as could be determined, the Korean crisis had little to do with the business spurt.

Postmaster Kitzmiller is on a week’s fishing trip to Canada.

The marriage of Miss Louise Slattery, of Hughesville, to Harold F. Adams, of Williamsport, was performed on July 15.

The marriage of Miss Mary Maxey to Willis G. Goodenow, of Muncy, took place on July 8.

Miss Harriet Rager, of near Muncy, and Mark Feigles, of Muncy, were married July 8 at Winchester, Va.

Miss Emma Jane Hester, of Muncy, and Grover E. Walker, of near Muncy, were married on July 14.

Lawrence H. Umstead Resigns as Muncy Grid Coach; Stanley Schuyler will replace him.

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The Luminary

July 2, 1970

50 Years Ago

10 cents

The slowdown of Muncy’s Industrial complex is underway-an annual mid-summer maneuver designed to give vacations without too much interruption of normal operations.

Beginning a busy summer of parades and other related activities, the Muncy high school Fightin’ Indian Band participates in two Fourth of July parades this weekend and leaves Wednesday for Atlantic City.

Mrs. Myron Migrath, of Hughesville, has been named to the legislative committee of the state association of treasurers.

Miss Andrea L. Urban, of New Jersey, and Edward W. Prince, of Muncy, were married on June 27; Engagement announced of Miss Nancie Jean Wambaugh to William M. Wood, of Boston, formerly of Muncy.

Miss Virginia Lee Main, of New York, and Dane Robert Detrick, of Muncy, were married on June 27.

Baseball fans desiring to see Eddie Ott perform in the pro circuit can do so in mid-July when Niagara Falls is scheduled to meet the Williamsport Astros at Bowman Field. Ott was assigned to Niagara Falls from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ rookie camp at Bradenton, Fla.

Died: Howard E. Sanders, 35, Hughesville, an employee of H and E company in Picture Rocks, died June 26.

At the Ritz: “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

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The Luminary

Wednesday, July 12, 1995

25 years ago

35 cents

Grange exhibits, horse racing, midway attractions, trailers, and food stands are all a part of Dr. H. B. Mussina’s portrayal of the Hughesville Fair in 1960. The original portrait which used to hang in the lobby of the First National Bank of Hughesville, now Bucktail Bank & Trust Co., was donated to the Hughesville Area Library.

Lance Kohler, U.S. Army, a 1987 graduate of Muncy High School and a 1991 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, has recently been promoted to Captain.

Muncy’s Majors All-Stars Reach Winners Semi-Finals-Rout Jersey Shore-Rallies to Beat Newberry

Births: Alicia Curley, Muncy, son, July 1; Mr. and Mrs. John Felix, Montgomery, daughter, July 3. Mother former Tammy Sones; Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Diehl, Muncy, daughter, July 2. Mother former Susan Metzger; Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Magyar II, Montgomery, daughter, July 2. Mother former Heather Flenke; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Wodrig, Muncy, daughter, June 30. Mother former Sandra D. Reynolds; Mr. and Mrs. William H. Smith, Jr., Montgomery, daughter, July 7. Mother former Tommie L. Gray; Marie E. Lynch and Matthew J. Iseley, Muncy, son, July 7; Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Herr, Hughesville, son, July 7. Mother former Sally J. Bartlow.

Died: Benton G. Eichenlaub, 82, Muncy, July 4; Harvey L. Hill, 92, formerly of Picture Rocks, died July 4; Velna A. Warner, 74, formerly of Park Place East, Muncy, died July 7; Raymond A. Burgess, 66, Muncy Valley, died July 6; William C. McCoy, 62, Muncy, July 4; Mrs. Eldicia A. (Amy) Fairman, 94, July 8; Richard N. Foster, Clifton, NJ, died July 8.