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Peeks at the Past 7.22

By Staff | Jul 22, 2020

Saturday, Aug. 3, 1872

A number of cars of a freight train on the P. & R. railroad were thrown off the rack, at Muncy Station, on Saturday last, by the spreading of the track.

John Poust, while putting on a crib in a well being dug, in Clinton township, fell headforemost into the well a distance, scratched and bruised but was not seriously hurt.

The lumber piles of Doge & Co., at Williamsport, were fired by an incendiary on Saturday afternoon, no doubt with a view of burning the mill, but the fire was extinguished before much damage was done.

The presence of the military in Williamsport and the arrest of the leaders of the strikers, has had the effect to restore order and enable the lumber business to resume.

Friday, Aug. 6, 1880

A silver spoon was presented to O.B. Bruner by Col. J. B. Musser Post in accordance to their usual custom. The boy has been named “William Bruce.”

There is a great deal of sickness in this vicinity at present, many people having been taken ill during the past week.

The boarding houses at Eagles Mere are overflowing, the visitors thus far being larger than ever before in the history of that summer resort.

Sam Blue, of Port Penn, is the champion trout fisherman on Young Woman’s creek. He can catch them as fast as three men can string them.

July 25, 1907

A very delightful picnic supper was held last evening on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walton’s home on S. Main Street. It was arranged by a number of ladies as a surprise to their husbands when they returned home from work.

The insurance business of the late William E. Mohr will be continued by his son, Eugene Mohr, who has opened an office in the Smith Building.

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser

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Thursday, Aug. 5, 1920

100 years ago

Last Wednesday afternoon while William D. Reimensnyder, of near Muncy, was in the woods at his brother’s farm near Opps, he was bitten by a copperhead snake, who sank its deadly fangs in Mr. Reimensnyder’s ankle. He lost no time in stripping his clothing from about the wound and slashing the flesh with a knife, then sucking the blood and poison from the wound. His leg was badly swollen, but the spread of the poison was effectively stopped.

Muncy people will be glad to know that the Maggs Herb Remedy Co., of Atlantic City, is making a great success in the sale of their remedies.

Henry Kepner, aged seventy-one years, a well known farmer living about two miles above Lairdsville, was instantly killed Wednesday evening of last week in a runaway accident, when he was thrown headfirst from a hay wagon, which he was driving down a hill not far from his home.

Engagement announced of Miss Sara L Petrikin, of Muncy, to Harry B. Paulhamus, of Masten. The wedding will take place in the fall.

Miss Ethel Sheridan, Williamsport, and former resident of Muncy, was united in marriage to William Peard on Monday.

Died: Adeline Dimm Tallman, died at 5:30 o’clock Friday evening at the family home on South Main street, aged 69 years.

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The Luminary

July 27, 1950

70 years ago

Eight men from Muncy, five from Hughesville, three from Unityville and one from Montgomery are included in the list of men ordered to report Saturday in Harrisburg for pre-induction physical exams for the Army. From Muncy will go Richard LeRoy Sholtis, Robert Brady Reed, Bruce L. Robbins, Lehman Bull, Richard Garnhart, Charles Taylor, Walter Dean Reese and Paul F. Michael. Hughesville-Chester C. Schultz, Arthur Leon Johnson, George Ginter Jr., Carl Dean Croman and Willets G. Ellison. Unityville-Bert Gordner, Raymond Stackhouse and Raymond L. Swisher. Montgomery-Allen Lee Reeser.

Picture Rocks Locals By Mrs. John Boyer John VanBuskirk, Donald O’Conner, Earl Houseknecht, Jane O’Conner and Mr. Walter O’Conner have returned from a fishing and camping party at Hunters Lake.

Mrs. Edna Faus, of Picture Rocks, spent Sunday at Pennsdale as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Swartz.

A wedding took place on Friday night in Muncy Methodist Church when Miss Beverly Bair, of Muncy, became the bride of Emerson Bardo Jr., of Muncy.

Before an altar decorated with gladiola, snapdragons, lilies, baby’s breath and mountain fern, Miss Norma Holmes of Unityville, became the bride of Carl Whitmoyer, of near Muncy, on July 15.

Miss Norma Ruby Sees, of near Bloomsburg, became the bride of Max R. Persun, of Muncy, on July 22.

Miss Jane L, Spotts, of Williamsport, became the bride of Warren H. Hendershott, of Hughesville, on July 22.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rine, Muncy Valley, a son, July 22. Mrs. Rine is the former Sara Adams; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stover, Montgomery, July 22. Mother former Marie Starr; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Worth, Hughesville, son, July 26; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCowan, July 26.

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The Luminary

July 9, 1970

50 Years Ago

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David Hilner, Hughesville, awarded Eagle Badge; Troop 25 In Camp July 12-17

Miss Bette Jane Bayley, of Picture Rocks and James A. Smailes, of Coshoeton, united in marriage on July 4.

Miss Paula Y. Harman, Montgomery, weds Milford Snyder, of Muncy, on July 4.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cranmer, Jr., Hughesville, a daughter, July 7. Mother former Ann Keebler; Mr. and Mrs. Terry Frey, Muncy, daughter, July 8. Mother former Shirley Ohnmeiss; Mr. and Mrs. John Mills, Muncy, son, June 24. Mother former Debra Buck; Mr. and Mrs. Elton Rupert, Hughesville, daughter, June 28. Mother former Mary Overdorf; Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Minier, Unityville, son, June 29. Mother former Doris Milheim; Mr. and Mrs. James Snyder, Montgomery, daughter, June 29. Mother former Beverly Golder; The Rev. and Mrs. Richard Gessling, Hughesville, daughter, July 2. Mother former Jeanette Diehl; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gelnett, Jr., Muncy, daughter, July 3. Mother former Patty Deeter; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brant, Hughesville, son July 3. Mother former Suzanne Bock; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lyons, Muncy, son, July 3. Mother former Susan Maciejewski; Mr. and Mrs. Barton Satterson Jr., Montgomery, daughter, July 3. Mother former Donna Shadle; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hunter Hughesville, son, July 5. Mother former Vicki Shaner; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sweet, Muncy, daughter, July 5. Mother former Velma Dodson; Mr. and Ms. Max Pauling, Allenwood, son, July 5. Mother former Evelyn Small; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rine, Muncy Valley, daughter, July 5. Mother former Donna Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grieco, Muncy, daughter, July 1. Mother former Teresa Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Diomaine Aunkst, Hughesville, daughter, July 1. Mother former Nancy Ann McKee; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bitler, Hughesville, July 4, a son. Mother former Sandy Houseknecht; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Waldman, Muncy, son, July 4. Mother former Brenda Barrows.

Died: Charles G. Jacobs, 77, Unityville, July 4; Howard G. Johnson, Montgomery, died July 3 at the age of 92; Mabel Gaston, of Muncy, died July 4.

At the Ritz: “Let it Be”

The Luminary

Wednesday, July 19, 1995

25 years ago

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Wide smiles and interested expressions could be seen on the faces of Japanese visitors who recently toured the local area, including the studios of some Muncy artists. When Myers Elementary teacher, Nancy Mabus Fuller, decided to teach English in Japan, she didn’t realize she would be bringing back some of her Japanese friends for a visit to her hometown area.

James Rupert, Muncy, and James R. Schreck, Montgomery, were honored by the Dept. of PA Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. as members of the 1994-95 Team of All-State Post Commanders and Quartermasters.

New manager at the Muncy public pool, Matt Houseknecht, has undertaken his position with an attitude of responsibility, paying special attention to safety and improvements.

Carol J. Welliver has joined the staff of Woodlands Bank as Vice President of Consumer Lending.

Died: Jasper H. Foust, 89, Hughesville, July 14; Margaret L. Anderson, 66, Muncy, July 16; Lucille C. Cameron, 66, former borough resident, died July 10; Henry F. Holzworth, 93, Muncy, July 10; Fred H. Lukens, a Montgomery native, died June 22; M. Fred Colburn, Jr., 71, Muncy, died July 16; Raymond H. Laird, Muncy, died July 10.

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