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By Staff | Feb 23, 2010

Former mayor of Muncy, Tony Rizzo, winner Joan Swartz, and director Lesley Tebbs made Valentine's Day a fun event for the annual luscious lips contest at the Meck Senior Center in Muncy Township.

Twenty lips were given to former Muncy mayor, Tony Rizzo, to choose from as the most luscious lips of 2010. On Friday morning at 11:30, Rizzo arrived at the Meck Senior Center in Muncy to judge to the fourteenth annual most luscious lips contest.

Lesley Tebbs, director, said, ” this is one of our most favorable events during the year,” as she carefully swept her eyes over the full dining room of eager seniors waiting to see who would be this year’s winner. Since 1996, ladies have placed their lovely lips with their favorite color lipstick on a postcard with an assigned number for the mayor to judge as they are posted on the wall.

After viewing the board of twenty luscious lips for several minutes, the mayor chooses a winning number not knowing the lucky woman’s true identity. After the losers are asked to come forward first, she is finally revealed. This year Joan Swartz from Montoursville was the grand prize winner. Each woman is greeted with a friendly kiss and hug joined with lots of laughter from the audience. “I thoroughly enjoy doing this year after year,” said Rizzo. “We could never think of inviting anyone else to do this,” said Tebbs. “Tony has been coming for so long, everyone here really knows him and we like him to join us for the event.”

It is a good time for everybody said Gwen Gledhill, a Pennsdale area resident who said grace before their meal.