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Connecting the Dots

By Staff | Nov 19, 2013

Senior, Kaitlyn Hipple and Junior, Thomas Goetz. Both are members of the Montgomery High School Web Journalism class.

Editor’s Note: This is the last of the series written by Montgomery High School web journalism seniors for seniors on their thoughts of becoming of age.


With the closure of our journalistic series, we felt that family values was a pertinent topic between the “seniors”. We have all made those long drives to be with relatives and suffered through the obligatory dinners, but is that tradition being stood up? Senior citizens “old-fashioned belief” is that face to face conversations are all that count. While attending every reunion, birthday party, or holiday get-together the expectations are extremely high.

However, high school seniors believe that “back in the day” free-time existed more than it does now. In today’s world our schedules are jam-packed. Us kids not only have school expectations, but various social and athletic standards to meet and, unfortunately, family gets put on the back burner.

The idea of today’s adolescents not valuing family is a misconception of the senior citizens. We still want to take the time to see our family. And although it’s not as often, we now have the ability for instant contact.

This is aided by technology. With one push of a button, we can “catch up.” Social-networking sites, like Facebook, Face Time and Face Chat, provide vast opportunities for families to stay in touch during the busy seasons.

At the end of the day, even if we don’t look forward to the long drives and intolerable dinners, we still are capable of powering off the phone and turning off the television for the sake of family. We have family values; we just value in a different way.